Arthavaan Vol 6 Dec 2023 is available in print also

The journal Arthavaan publishes original research on various aspects of business, economics and management including the current innovative leads in the formative stage which has a promise for a pragmatic application. The scope of the journal includes, but is not limited to, the following fields: finance and banking, managerial economics, public finance, econometrics, green economics, political economics, resource economics, population economics, national income, fiscal and monetary policies, micro and macroeconomics, accounting, international economics, behavioural/ health economics, development economics, marketing, computers in educational administration, ICT, distance education, business administration, entrepreneurship, human resources, business innovation, organizational theory, management information system, electronic commerce, consumer behavior, internet marketing, international business, operations management, technology and innovation, business ethics, risk management, corporate governance and so on. The main emphasis in the journal is on interdisciplinary, diverse and critical analyses of economic development, finance, trade & management processes in contemporary organizations. The publication is open to researchers from all over the world. The manuscripts to be submitted to the Journal must represent original research reports and must not have been submitted elsewhere prior to or after submission to this journal for publication. All the manuscripts submitted for consideration in ARTHAVAAN are subject to double blind peer- review for taking up final decision on acceptance for publication, and decision of the editorial team will be final.